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Bojkovice [ Village or Town/City ]

The town of Bojkovice is located in the southeastern part of the region of Zlín, within the White Carpathians territory, in the valley of the Olšava River, 301 m above sea level. Dominating the town are two buildings on two opposite hills. The chateau Nový Světlov is the historically older building. It was built in 1480 as a fortified Gothic castle at the confluence of the Olšava and Koménka rivers. His name is derived from the Světlov stronghold, which stood not far from Podhradí and which ceased to exist at the beginning of the 16th century. Beside its defensive function on the frontier, the castle had also the watch (signaling) function. By means of fires ­ light, the castle made the region known about nearing danger. In 1576, it was rebuilt into the Renaissance style and then into the Tudor Gothic´s style between 1846 and 1856. The fortified castle changed into a representative noble residence. There are many old and rare trees in the castle park and the adjacent preserve.
There is the Museum of the Bojkovsko Region and a great wedding hall in the chateau, which has been privatized. Both the Museum and the wedding hall are open from spring to autumn.
Another dominant of the town is the church of St Laurent, which was built in the Late Renaissance style between 1651 and 1656 in response to Gabriel Serényi, Lord of Světlov. The church is a monumental 40-m-long building. If you mount one of the staircases going from the town centre, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Bojkovice and its surroundings. In the church, you can find an organ made in 1720. It has 15 stops and 472 pipes. Vitaliano Fumagallio from Milan donated the baptism fountain made of red marble in 1833. He also gained recognition for construction of the castle park and the green houses. There is a cemetery round the church of St. Laurent. Originally, this cemetery reached to two buildings called "Tetaurky", which served as defensive towers in the past. At the cemetery, a special tomb was built for Jindřiška Hauqwitz, countess of Světlov, who died in 1835.
Statues, chapels and crosses on the territory of the town or in the parts thereof belong ho the local sights.
Bojkovice are mentioned for the first time in 1086 and then in 1087, as the wife of the thane of Olomouc, donated the farm of Bojkovice to the monastery in Rajhrad. That report was confirmed by the experts. The year 1362 mentioned that Bojkovice belonged to the domain of Světlov.
As a townlet, Bojkovice is mentioned in 1449 in a sale contract issued on the St. Sophia´ s day on a field in front of Milotice, and the domain of Světlov went over to Burian of Vlčnov and his uncle Zich of Lipina. Thus, Burian of Vlčnov became the owner of a large domain and the townlet came into prominence.
Bojkovice was awarded the town status on 1 January 1965. The town had 4.679 inhabitants including the parts of Bzová, Krhov and Přečkovice by 1 January 2005.
Nowadays, the sports hall of the local basic school, the pension and the nursing home belong to the important buildings. The TIS department store is located in the town centre.
Noteworthy is the monastery of Dominican sisters with a High Church School.
The Euro-Camping and the Little Chateau beside the chateau serve for the tourists. Furthermore, the local tennis court, swimming-pool, bowling and minigolf can be visited.
The folklore ensemble Světlovan with its cimbalom music bands and the children folklore ensemble Světlovánek represent the town at present.
Welcome to Bojkovice

The town of Bojkovice initiated the foundation of a micro-region in 2003. The micro-region consists of the following communities: Bojkovice, Lopeník, Žítková, Rudice, Hostětín, Pitín, Záhorovice, Nezdenice, Komňa, Březová, Šanov and Rokytnice. Priority of this association is to support the development of the considerate tourism within the region. It participates e.g. in the project of the construction of a look-out tower on the Velký Lopeník hill, and in the development of the tourist information system.
Information about the tourism in the Micro-region of Bojkovsko please see under:,
Bureau of Information of the Micro-region of Bojkovsko (, phone: 572 641151

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